Peertube livestreaming with your smartphone

In the age of social media, where video content is becoming increasingly popular, many people are looking for simple and easy methods to stream live. However, with the growing number of live streaming platforms, there are more and more issues with privacy, censorship and monopolization.

PeerTube is an open-source video streaming platform powered by a community of developers and users. It is an alternative solution to the established platforms like YouTube and Twitch, focusing especially on privacy and free software.

Online learning platforms: european unis on the rise

Massive Open Online Courses – MOOCs for short – have revolutionized the educational landscape for several years now. With the ability to take online courses from renowned universities around the world, students have new options for continuing their education. For a long time, American universities in particular dominated the online education market, offering their courses and materials on platforms such as Udacity and edX.

Now, however, European universities seem to be catching up and increasingly using MOOCs themselves. It’s not just the Corona pandemic that has continued to drive digital learning – the ongoing digitization of a wide range of fields is also helping more and more universities make the move into the online world. This can be seen not least in the numerous new partnerships between European universities and established MOOC platforms.

Land grabbing in developing countries: why we stand by apathetically

The headlines of land grabbing and illegal land grabbing by governments and companies in developing countries are alarming. Less well known, however, is that our daily consumption patterns and global trade contribute to this problem. Land grabbing is a sensitive issue that is being addressed by many developed countries, non-profit organizations and the international community.

But despite these efforts, the situation in many developing countries remains poor. There are many reasons for this: an inadequate legal framework, political instability, corruption, and contradictions between national and international regulations. All of this can lead to the problem of land grabbing being postponed in any negotiation between the parties.

A praise of fragility: the importance of this value in complex times

A praise of fragility: the importance of this value in complex times

We live in a world characterized by uncertainty and complexity. In an era where change is rapid and profound, and we face new challenges every day, fragility often seems like a disadvantage.
But we should not underestimate the value of this condition. For fragility can help us be receptive to change and remind us that we cannot control everything. It can also inspire us to be cautious and to focus on what is essential.
In this realization lies a power that can help us persist in the midst of uncertainty and complexity. So a praise of fragility is a significant value at this time, allowing us to truly engage with life and accept ourselves as we are. It reminds us that there are no answers to all questions and that it is okay to feel incomplete and imperfect at times.

Importance of fragility

The world around us is becoming more and more complex. It is not only technological developments, but also political, economic and social changes that constantly present us with new challenges. In this increasingly complex world, strength is often considered the most important value. But what about fragility?

Cheap car rental and vans in norco, california

Norco, a city in Riverside County, California, is a wonderful place to visit for tourists and locals alike. To explore the city and its surroundings in a comfortable and flexible way, car rental is a great option. It is important to find a reliable and affordable option to make your stay in Norco even more enjoyable.
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Advantages of car rental in Norco

Cheap car rental in Norco, California offers a lot of benefits to travelers. Whether you’re looking to take a trip or need a van for business, car rental can help you reach your destination.

Pubg – a more detailed character customization feature is coming soon

PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will soon introduce an enhanced character customization feature that will give players even more options to customize their game characters. The upcoming update is all about personalization, easy navigation, and smooth features to enhance the gaming experience.
With the new character customization feature, players will be able to add much more detail to their characters to create a unique look and aesthetic. This new feature will allow players to personalize their characters with various cosmetic items such as clothing, hairstyles, masks and weapons. Players can now create their own styles and breathe more life into their characters with a wide range of customization options.
The new character customization feature will soon be available to all PUBG players. The update is designed to make gameplay more enjoyable and exciting by giving players more independent control over their characters and the ability to bring their creativity into the game. Exact details and information will also be available soon, so stay tuned for more updates and news about the enhanced character customization in PUBG.

What does it mean?

PUBG will soon feature more advanced and detailed character customization. But what does this actually mean for players of the shooter?

Election programs with patriotic tendencies

Election programs with patriotic tendencies

On the occasion of the upcoming elections in Germany, the parties have published their election programs. It is striking that many of the programs carry a distinctly patriotic flavor. These are issues of home, tradition and values.

This trend is not unique to Germany. Parties in other European countries are also increasingly adopting positions with nationalistic elements in their election programs. The focus is on strengthening one’s own nation and distinguishing it from other nations and cultures.

Lose weight: how jenny did it

Jenny is one of many people who have already tried to lose weight. Although diets, exercise and certain foods can help with weight loss, it’s often hard to find a method that works long-term. Jenny, however, has found ways to successfully lose weight and reach her goal.

Unlike many people who focus on short-term diet solutions, Jenny looked at her weight loss program as a long-term process. They have transformed their lifestyles and incorporated healthier habits, such as increased exercise and healthy eating, into their daily routines.

6 Fixes for whatsapp picture-in-picture problem on iphone

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most widely used messaging services in the world, offering countless features that make it easier for users to stay connected. One of these useful features is the “picture-in-picture”-Feature that allows users to watch videos while chatting without leaving the app. Although this feature works fine on most WhatsApp platforms, there are some issues on iPhone that prevent its use.
If you’re having trouble using the picture-in-picture feature on WhatsApp on your iPhone, don’t worry! In this article, we will present you six solutions that can help you fix the problem. From the latest iOS version to restarting the app to checking the settings, we’ve covered all possible solutions to make sure you can watch picture-in-picture videos on WhatsApp again without any problems.
So, let’s dive in and find out what steps you can take to fix the picture-in-picture issue on WhatsApp on your iPhone.


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world and is especially popular among iPhone users. One of the useful features of WhatsApp is the ability to view videos in picture-in-picture mode. Unfortunately, many iPhone users have reported that the function of picture-in-picture in WhatsApp does not work properly.

Platform-based event management for any type of event

Organizing events can be very stressful, especially when it comes to event management. This can become an even bigger effort when dealing with different types of events, such as virtual, on-site or hybrid events. A platform-based solution can be extremely helpful in this regard and greatly facilitate the organizational process.
An event management platform solution enables seamless integration of all aspects of an event, including registration, payment processing, marketing, ticketing, and reporting. It is an all-in-one solution that benefits organizers and guests alike.
With the help of such a platform, event organizers can save time and money by simply using a proven and reliable infrastructure. At the same time, guests can simplify the booking process and improve their event experience. A platform-based event management solution thus offers a win-win situation for all parties involved.

What is a platform-based event management solution??

A platform-based event management solution is software that helps event planners manage their events more efficiently and successfully. Such solutions simplify planning, membership management, registration, ticketing and marketing for events in various formats such as onsite, hybrid or online. By using such a solution, organizers can increase productivity and improve interaction with their attendees.