Adac media and travel gmbh

ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH is a company specialized in publishing travel guides and other tourist publications. The company is a subsidiary of the automobile club ADAC, which is very well known in Germany and Europe.

Adac media and travel gmbh

The company is based in Munich and employs a number of experts to ensure that its travel guides, maps and other publications are of the highest quality. They are published in 14 languages and are available worldwide.

ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH is a major player in the tourism industry and has won many awards for the quality of its publications. The brand is known for its high standards of accuracy and timeliness, making it easier for travelers to navigate their journeys and have the best experiences possible.

Our history

ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH has a long history dating back to 1911, when the Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club (ADAC) was founded. The company has evolved since then and today offers a wide range of media and travel services to its members and customers.

An important milestone in the history of ADAC Medien und Reise was the founding of ADAC Verlag GmbH in 1956, which specialized in the publication of travel guides, road maps and other travel information products. Since then, the company’s portfolio has expanded to include digital media products, online platforms and apps.

ADAC media and travel also has a long tradition of organizing trips. Since the 1950s, the company has organized group tours for its members and has since become one of the leading tour operators in Germany. The company now offers a wide range of trips, from city breaks and cruises to adventure and family vacations.

  • ADAC – German Automobile Club
  • Media and travel services – wide range of media and travel products and services
  • ADAC Verlag GmbH – specializes in the publication of travel guides, road maps and other travel information products
  • Digital media products – refers to online platforms and apps
  • Group travel – organized by ADAC Medien und Reise for its members

Over the years, ADAC Medien und Reise has also established a strong presence in social media. The company uses platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote its products and services and interact with its customers. It also regularly offers sweepstakes and other promotions through social media to encourage customer engagement.

Today, ADAC Media and Travel is an established company with a strong reputation for quality and reliability in the media and travel sectors. The company has a long history and tradition in these areas, and remains a major player in the German and international travel industry.

Our offers for you

Welcome to ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH – your one-stop shop for all travel needs. Through our large network of partner companies, we offer you a wide range of services related to travel – whether it’s a city break or a beach vacation.

We offer a wide range of trip types to suit your personal needs. This includes both package tours and customized trips. Our experienced consulting team is available to help you choose the perfect vacation package for you.

We make sure that our offers always offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. With our professional services and assistance to travelers, we ensure a pleasant and worry-free travel experience.

  • Convenient flight and transfer services
  • Rental car offers for more mobility
  • Comprehensive insurance programs for safe travel
  • Organization of trips and excursions

We are committed to your satisfaction and guarantee an unforgettable travel experience. We look forward to accompanying you on your next trip!

Our valued customers

At ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH, we always put our customers first. We understand that our customers come from diverse backgrounds and needs, and we do our best to provide the best possible experience for each and every customer.

Through our library of guidebooks, maps and online resources, our customers can be assured that they have all the important information they need to plan their trip and navigate safely. We also strive to ensure that our customers are always kept up to date by providing them with the latest travel deals and news.

Our customer service team is highly qualified and dedicated to answering all our customers’ inquiries and complaints and satisfactorily meeting their needs. We believe it is our responsibility to provide a high level of service and support to both our new and loyal customers.

  • Our customers are our priority
  • Extensive travel information provided
  • Latest travel news and offers
  • Competent customer service team

Our vision and values

ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH has a clear vision for the future: We want to strengthen our position as a leading provider in the field of tourism and mobility and offer our customers first-class products and services.

Our values are crucial: we stand for quality, reliability and safety. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible support in every situation and to give them a safe feeling.

  • Quality: We offer our customers high-quality products and services that meet the highest standards.
  • Reliability: Our customers can always rely on us.
  • Safety: We take our responsibility as a service provider very seriously and do everything we can to give our customers a safe feeling.

We are also actively committed to a sustainable future and want to do our part to improve the environment. This includes, for example, promoting environmentally friendly mobility solutions and supporting sustainability and environmental protection projects.

Our goal is to live all these values and continuously improve to always provide the best possible experience for our customers.

Adac media and travel gmbh

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